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Topical stories increase your reach on Facebook

Gaining more ‘likes’ or comments on Facebook is what companies crave from their social media, so here’s a simple idea to help get your name ‘out-there’.

Writing posts based around current and topical issues is a traditional marketing method used to engage the reader and promote your business. People like to see what’s trending and keep up-to-date with what’s happening that day. Up-coming events such as Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas are very topical for this time of year and posts based around these events are more likely to be ‘liked’ and shared on Facebook and other social sites.


Don’t be shy in writing about topical posts. Humorous, serious, witty, informative, anything goes, as long as your post relates to your audience (and isn’t offence).

Help give your business more social reach and take a look at the events that take place throughout the year and plan your social posts around them.