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How your business can reap the rewards from marketing activity that isn’t your own

This week we’ve seen Christmas adverts appear in abundance, and one particular advert has had such an effect on us that other businesses are cashing in on it.

I’m talking about John Lewis’ penguin advert which has pulled at many of our heart strings. It appears we love this advert so much that sales of McVitie’s Penguin biscuits have been soaring.

Marketing opportunities like this don’t come up too often, so why not take advantage of it? Good luck to McVitie’s!

McVitie's Penguin biscuit

Using marketing material produced by other companies to promote your own is a clever marketing strategy. A seasonal event such as Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day create a surge of activity in us buyers and we seem to be more willing to part with our money if products relate to an advert or topic that’s currently trending.

In many cases the product is the same as it has been all year round, but jumping on the band wagon of someone else’s successful campaign can’t be a bad thing for your business.