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Why your online persona can determine what gift you’ll receive this Christmas

As we approach the festive season and start making our lists of Christmas presents to buy it appears more and more of us are opting to Christmas giftpurchase gift cards and vouchers for our friends and family.

With prices increasing and a minefield of products to choose from, people don’t want to be seen as giving the wrong thing, and it appears gift cards are becoming a popular option. But, instead of asking what vouchers you would like our nearest and dearest are researching what gift cards to buy by seeing what we ‘like’ on social networking websites.

This method of research has its own shortcomings, however, as quite often our online persona reflects how we want to be seen, rather than our true character. So, be warned, the next time you like something on Facebook just who might be watching, or you might end up with a Christmas gift you weren’t quite expecting!