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How would you like a nice new website for less than your daily cup of coffee?

A quarter of small businesses spend more on coffee each year than investing in a website to promote their products or services.

Plesilium offer small business websites with individual design, domain registration and hosting for less than your daily latte from a well-known coffee house. Add some caramel to that and you can upgrade to the professional website package with database driven content such as product catalogue or CMS features. Make it a large and you can have a fully blown eCommerce system.

When you choose your perfect cup of coffee you select the flavours you like and to suit your needs, a website is exactly the same. Show off your business the way you want, with the elements you want, and at a price that’s as appealing as a 10 minute cup of coffee, but lasts forever – after all isn’t that how all websites should be?

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