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How would you like a nice new website for less than your daily cup of coffee?

A quarter of small businesses spend more on coffee each year than investing in a website to promote their products or services.

Plesilium offer small business websites with individual design, domain registration and hosting for less than your daily latte from a well-known coffee house. Add some caramel to that and you can upgrade to the professional website package with database driven content such as product catalogue or CMS features. Make it a large and you can have a fully blown eCommerce system.

When you choose your perfect cup of coffee you select the flavours you like and to suit your needs, a website is exactly the same. Show off your business the way you want, with the elements you want, and at a price that’s as appealing as a 10 minute cup of coffee, but lasts forever – after all isn’t that how all websites should be?

3 thoughts on “How would you like a nice new website for less than your daily cup of coffee?

  1. With the latest price hikes in one of our local “Cost-a-packet-coffee” over in Hertford, I reckon a starter website could cost a fair bit less than a coffee! If there’s 2 of you in the office, then that even covers one of our advanced website packages!! I’m glad we can keep our prices affordable, even when other retailers prices seem to only ever go up. Gotta say though… I still can’t resist the odd “proper” coffee every now and again – the smell just draws me in! Maybe we should offer a free coffee with every website?!

  2. I’d never thought of breaking down the cost of a new website like
    that before. I’d been putting it off, but now I can see its a no-brainer!
    I really cant afford not to go ahead and get my business online… I hate to
    think how many customers I’ve lost out on while I’ve been dithering!
    I’ll be giving you guys a call!

  3. I agree, I’ve just spent months trying to build a website myself using one of those “free” DIY sitebuilders, but I’ve wasted so much time on it and ended up with a load of rubbish!! At prices like this it doesnt make sense to struggle with it any more – I’m gonna junk it and have you guys do it properly for me!! Just wish I’d seen this earlier!

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