How to make your copy interesting, vibrant and leave the reader wanting more

Mind-numbing copy won’t get people buying your product, so how do you get them interested? Pure and simple – tell the truth, but make the truth fascinating.

There’s nothing worse than writing a whole load of copy about how your product will change the world, when in fact it can do no such thing! This is where the art of copywriting comes in. No matter how dull you think your product may be, if you use the right words you can make it sound as if it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Injecting personality, your USP and humour (if appropriate) into your copy will instantly bring your product to life. You want people to buy into your product so ensure it stands out from your competitors, tell them why yours is better and justify the price with how it will benefit them and make their life easier.

Washing powder isn’t the most exciting product, but is a necessity. By injecting some personality into the copy, you can make it sound exciting and encourage people to buy it. Here I’ve turned the copy around and put the onus on the reader to make the choice to try the product, rather than spouting the benefits at them:


Wow, wow and wow, what more can we say about the new Sleeptime washing powder from CleanCo!

You may be sceptical about how good a washing powder designed to give you a good night’s sleep will be. Claiming to be “superior” with a “magic ingredient that fixes the fragrance for longer” and has “calming scents”. But actions speak louder than words so I why not put it to the test…


If you can’t think of anything inspiring to say about your product sit back and think about how it’s used, what else could you use it for, or use it with. Sometimes even the most obscure thought can bring about the best ideas.

Here’s how I’ve taken a simple light fitting and jazzed it up to be the latest trend in interior design:


Whether you’re smitten with fresh and modern, traditional, or funky and chic it appears porcelain light fittings are the latest ‘must-have’ for interior design.

This is great news for LightingCo, and even greater news for our clients! Our stylish porcelain light fittings now come in nine fantastic colours, so whatever way your design preferences sway, there’s a light fitting to suit you.

Light fittings can make or break a room and so we’ve designed our porcelain light fittings to fit in with the most dramatic to the subtlest of décor’s. From vibrant pink to delicate cream, the lamp holders can be used as a splash of colour, to blend in with the background, or make your own colour combinations by mixing a few different colours together.


The benefits your product can make to people is very important and should be shouted from the rooftops. In this copy, I’ve put weight on the benefits the product provides, and also emphasised the environmental values, that are always up there when people are choosing which product to purchase:


Recently enlisted as the latest superfood, the humble coconut has proven to provide a range of health benefits. The extra virgin coconut oil extracted from the milk of matured coconuts has been proven to have profound positive effects on our health.

The amazing benefits of coconut oil include stress relief, improved metabolism, better brain function and weight loss. It can also help ease symptoms of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and kidney problems.

Joy’s Raw Coconut Oil is made from the milk of freshly harvested, handpicked Indian coconuts.  Due to our special extraction and production methods, Joy’s Coconut Oil retains maximum nutrition and taste – inducing the mild and nutty flavour of raw coconut flesh.

At Joy’s we’re environmentally conscious and ethically minded, championing sustainable farming methods to produce a delicious, carbon-neutral coconut oil for you to enjoy.  Our hand-selected, farm fresh Indian coconuts are crushed and pressed within minutes of de-shelling. All our coconut oil is cold pressed AND cold processed, remaining as close to its natural state as possible and brimming full of coconut goodness.


When writing your copy always make it clear and concise so the reader can understand what you are telling them. Always keep in mind your target audience and identify and understand their needs. You want to attract attention, so make sure your copy is visually appealing and easy to read. People won’t want to sit and read reams and reams of text so make sure you use pictures and paragraphs to separate it out.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas to spark your writing creativity. No product is boring if you add some imagination!


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