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Developing for the Internet

Our philosophy is to create well-structured sites using the best practices and techniques available, along with the most appropriate technologies. We design sites around your business, unique to you, and coded with attention to detail.

We are UK based with a fast and friendly support service, ensuring we not only get you operational quickly, but also keep you working effectively. We are happy to work on any size of project and work to an exceptionally high standard.

Web standards

Using the latest agreed web standards guidelines we will ensure your website is accessible to visitors on a number of different platforms. Web standards enable search engines such as Google to 'read' and interpret your site much easier and rank your site higher in customer searches. Standards-compliant code is also much easier to maintain, allowing you to make regular alterations and updates to your site without the headache or cost of traditional coding practices.

Strict developer guidelines

Plesilium doesn’t just want to develop a website for you today, we want it to last for years, and for you to keep reaping the rewards from it again and again. To achieve this, we use strict developer guidelines to ensure our code is quality, bug-free and easy to maintain.

By creating websites using the latest web standards, we can ensure that your website will continue to be seen by your customers long into the future. Should you need something extra, the easily maintained code will make it simple to introduce your latest great offering to your customers, saving you time and money on upgrades, and delivering your customers an even better experience.

The technologies

Plesilium can enhance your site with an array of modern web technologies where suitable, for instance:

  • javascript and AJAX
  • blogs and RSS feeds
  • content management features
  • Flash™ animation
  • database driven content
  • integration of stock, payment, ordering systems
plesilium web development

The way we work

We offer contract agreements and ad-hoc services. We are based in the UK, in rural Hertfordshire, just a short commute from Central London, but have clients all over the world. We can assist clients in our local area in person, and other areas via telephone, email, I.M., and webcam - keeping you in control of your project at all times.

For each project, we set a schedule so you know exactly what’s happening with your project and when, and our dedicated account managers are always on hand.

Development costs

Our website packages offer amazing value for money, and the simplest way to budget for your next website project. If, however, you need something a little different, don't worry, we can handle it! Just give us a call or drop us a line to discuss your requirements.