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Quick top 10 tips for your website

We’re often asked: “What is the best website to have?”, “What information should be on a website?” and “How do I get the best out of a website?” We’ve put some of our top tips together to help you plan your website.


  1. Keep your site clean and simple. Don’t put reams of text on your site because people won’t read it.Plesilium Ltd


  1. Make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. The two click rule is important to remember here. If visitors can’t find what they are looking for within two clicks they are more likely to go elsewhere.


  1. A website is a tool for advertising your business, promoting your products and services and generally getting your name out there for people to find you – so don’t go hiding important information away in PDF documents that search engines can’t read.


  1. Use relevant images on your site. Not only does this make the site more appealing to visitors but helps break the site up if there is lots of text.


  1. Include ‘call to action’ buttons on your site to encourage visitors to ‘click for more’ or ‘buy now’.


  1. Guide visitors through your site. If you want visitors to move through your site in a certain way ensure you position information and ‘calls to action’ to ensure they do this.


  1. Adding a search button will help visitors find what they are looking for much easier than reading through your whole website.


  1. Make it easy for visitors to contact you. It’s useful to have your phone number or email address permanently visible on your site, as well as on a contact page. This will make people see you as a viable company because you are making it easy for them to get in contact with you.


  1. Add links to your social media pages because this gives visitors another avenue to find information about you and find out what others think of your company.


  1. Ensure any links you add to your website work and all text is spelled correctly!


This is just a quick top ten to get you thinking about your website, whether you’re developing one from scratch, or want to improve an existing one.


Plesilium Ltd offer bespoke website development and copywriting services. Contact us on / 01920 318202.

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