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Spam, spam, spam and more spam

June 9th, 2015 Comments off

Is it just me or has anyone else seen aEmail spam resounding increase in spam recently? Being bombarded with spam is annoying in itself, but when it has the title “You � Can � Still � Qualify � for � Affordable Health Coverage”, “Very good technique to increase your intimate life”, or something rather more sordid it makes you wonder why people bother sending them in the first place, do they seriously think people are going to open them and read them? Read more…

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Have you forgotten social media in your email signatures?

October 23rd, 2013 Comments off

Social media links in your email signatures are a prime opportunity to let people know about your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts.Social media icons

Being in the social media game we have always included these on ours, but all too often they are forgotten. Read more…

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